Friday, July 04, 2014

And the Chicken Run Winner is ....

My most unfancy Mr Random Number Generator happily selected number 3!

Congratulations to StitchingGrandama!  My wild haired chick will soon be traveling to Delaware!

Thank you to everyone that entered the Texas leg of the Chicken Run. Don't forget to visit Mary over at StitchingGrandma to see what chicks pop up over there and where one of them will be travelling next!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Finishes for June

Well, perhaps this post would best be called STARTS for June ...

I did start to fold my fabric onto boards so I can get it out of drawers and onto shelves. But when I ran out of boards and still had fabric left over, I tabled that idea ( meaning that I have 5 nice neat stacks sitting on the end of my cutting table waiting for more boards to arrive ). 

I did start to iron my #PINK gonna love it or gonna hate it quilt top so I could get it basted and ready to quilt...actually I think I may have started that task more than once, and it's still draped over the back of my chair waiting to become a finish ( there's no room on the table if you recall) ...

Happily I did join The Chicken Run .. and I'm most pleased to say that it is very nearly a finish! I learned how to make a very small ( for me, that is ) 4" log cabin block and turned it into a sweet little patchworky chicken, and then made a few friends for her and now I'm hosting a fun giveaway and will send one of my finished chickens off to a new home on Friday.

You can read more about this fun giveaway project and see more of my chickens here.

I think the one "nearly finished" trumps the many "just started" projects! And I'm off to chase the cat off the ironing board so I can get that #Pink quilt ready to baste ....

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