Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Finishes for June

Well, perhaps this post would best be called STARTS for June ...

I did start to fold my fabric onto boards so I can get it out of drawers and onto shelves. But when I ran out of boards and still had fabric left over, I tabled that idea ( meaning that I have 5 nice neat stacks sitting on the end of my cutting table waiting for more boards to arrive ). 

I did start to iron my #PINK gonna love it or gonna hate it quilt top so I could get it basted and ready to quilt...actually I think I may have started that task more than once, and it's still draped over the back of my chair waiting to become a finish ( there's no room on the table if you recall) ...

Happily I did join The Chicken Run .. and I'm most pleased to say that it is very nearly a finish! I learned how to make a very small ( for me, that is ) 4" log cabin block and turned it into a sweet little patchworky chicken, and then made a few friends for her and now I'm hosting a fun giveaway and will send one of my finished chickens off to a new home on Friday.

You can read more about this fun giveaway project and see more of my chickens here.

I think the one "nearly finished" trumps the many "just started" projects! And I'm off to chase the cat off the ironing board so I can get that #Pink quilt ready to baste ....

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  1. Love the log cabin chickens. I want to make some some day.

  2. I love the pink and pinwheelish quilt and the chickens are adorable!

  3. I can relate to your flat surface issues -- I need more of them to manage my starting enthusiasm!

  4. Those chickens are awesome. I'm a better starter than finisher as well.

  5. I am really looking forward to that PINK finish....it looks super cute so far!!!!